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Strategies and How They Help Win Casino Games A strategy is course of action which you intend to take with a specific objective in mind. For instance, a gambling strategy you use at the casino might be to learn playing blackjack by memorizing a basic strategy chart, then giving yourself a test run using a web-based basic strategy tutor. Next, you might consider learning how to count cards by getting an instructional book, zeroing in on a methodology, and then practicing over and over until you’re capable of counting down an entire deck in less than a minute. Of course, you should have a bankroll large enough to weather standard deviation effects and keep you from being broke. Finally, you consider beginning a new career as a card counter. But that’s not where it ends – there are many gambling strategies out there. Set aside, for example, $50 every payday for the slot machine. Each month, make a single trip to a casino with your bankroll of around $200. If your $200 amounts to nothing, stop that session, return next month and do the same thing. If you’re lucky and you win $200 or more, you also quit, enjoy your winnings, and come back next month using your new $200 bankroll.
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The previously mentioned blackjack strategy is a positive expectation strategy, with the assumption that you do develop the required skills and that you have enough self-discipline to keep to the strategy. A positive expectation strategy is one where expecting to win for a long period sounds reasonable. Anything is possible in the short term, but in the long run, gamblers who use a positive expectation strategy tend to win more money than what they lose.
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An example of a negative expectation strategy is the slot machine strategy we mentioned. As a negative expectation game, slots will never lose to any technique or strategy because of its innate inbuilt mathematical edge. So the question is, are some strategies better than the rest? The answer depends on what your objectives are as a gambler. If you want to earn a living by gambling, then you have to stick to some type of positive expectation strategy. On top of blackjack, video poker, poker, and sports betting are three other gambling games that give you a positive expectation, so long as you have mastered the needed skills. On the other hand, if your goal is simply to enjoy yourself with a little entertainment and celebrate a big win every now and then, or if you don’t mind using that money for entertainment, then a negative expectation strategy fits you best. Finally, besides blackjack and company, almost all gambling and casino games are negative expectation games, so you have to know what kind of stuff you’re interested in, and then apply the suitable strategies.

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